Kourtney & Travis Spotted in Italy Ahead of Wedding — Bathed in BLACK


It vibed more funeral than wedding, but Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker — already legally married, but about to wed again — were spotted Saturday in Portofino, Italy, in all-black looks.

Kourtney rocked a black D&G minidress and bustier with an image of the Madonna front and center, plus strappy black heels and long, black gloves. She finished her look with a black veil trimmed with blue lace.

Travis wore a black robe, shades, and shoes.

The whole wedding party got the memo — Kim Kardashian, still blonde from her Met Gala Marilyn Monroe appearance — was in an ankle-length fitted black dress that would make Morticia Addams show emotion and Lily Munster greener with envy!

The group, which included Kourtney's kids, were en route to Dolce & Gabbana's yacht for a pre-wedding lunch at Abbey of San Fruttuoso, People reports. There, the couple were set to receive a special blessing.

Friday, the married couple began their third wedding weekend with a meal at Ristorante Puny, specializing in hand-made delicacies and Italian wine.

"You can feel all the love," a source told people of the impending nuptials. "Everyone is very excited to celebrate Kourtney and Travis."

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