Operation Mincemeat parents guide: Is the Netflix film okay to watch with kids?

The weekend is finally here, and with it are plenty of Netflix titles that you can watch with your family. From The Lincoln Lawyer, the legal thriller starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, to Senior Year, the feel-good comedy starring Rebel Wilson, there is a pretty nice range of titles for any mood. But there is one newly-released Netflix title that doesn’t include poms-poms or a Lincoln car—Operation Mincemeat.

The 2022 film is currently sitting rather comfortably on Netflix’s top ten movie list for various reasons. Some can’t help but praise the title for bringing awareness to a true story that not many know too much about, while some are huge fans of Operation Mincemeat‘s ability to keep them hanging on to the edges of their seats. In addition to this, viewers can’t get enough of the amazing performances of Academy Award winner Colin Firth and his co-star Matthew Macfadyen.

Hearing about the rave reviews simply isn’t enough. You absolutely have to stream every second of this film. But before you do that, read on to learn whether you can watch Operation Mincemeat with your younger ones.

Operation Mincemeat parents guide

Operation Mincemeat currently has an age rating of PG-13, meaning it is okay for audiences 13 years of age and up to watch so long as they have a mature guardian alongside them.

Despite the PG-13 rating, younger audiences should be aware some topics or visuals may be difficult to digest. For example, this film is set in the middle of World War II where countless lives were taken by the hands of Nazis. Most likely, there may be instances where disturbing images and depictions of violence can be seen.

If this subject is too difficult to bear, it may be best to watch the Netflix titles Marmaduke and Wild Babies, two additional new releases on the streaming site that are safe for kids to watch.

No matter what title you stream, Netflix is the place to be. Head to the site to begin your weekend watch today.

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