20 Free Pokemon Cards for Claim in 2023

Free Pokemon cards? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master, or perhaps you’re just a fan of these adorable and powerful creatures.

Well, guess what? Your Pokémon journey is about to get a fantastic boost! Get ready to catch ’em all, because we’re thrilled to introduce Free Pokémon Cards for Claim!

Also, you will learn how to snag your very own Pokémon cards without spending a single PokéCoin.

Free Pokemon Cards

Free Pokémon cards are exactly what they sound like trading cards featuring various Pokémon characters that you can acquire without any cost. These cards are typically distributed through promotions, events, or online offers.

They offer an amazing opportunity for collectors, players, and fans to expand their card collections without spending money.

Free Pokémon cards come in different rarities and designs, often mirroring the same excitement as traditional cards you might purchase.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your deck for battles or simply enjoy the thrill of collecting, these free cards add an extra layer of excitement to the Pokémon universe.

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Are 2023 Pokemon Cards Real?

Yes, 2023 Pokemon cards are indeed real. The Pokemon Trading Card game introduced the Scarlet & Violet base set in March 2023, marking a new era for collectors and players.

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This set distinguishes itself from the previous Sword & Shield Base Set by featuring a plethora of stunning cards that enthusiasts can eagerly pursue.

These cards offer a fresh wave of excitement and aesthetic appeal to the Pokemon TCG landscape.

To dive into this new collection, players can explore booster packs, trading events, and online platforms where they can experience the thrill of chasing after these captivating cards.

20 Free Pokemon Cards for Claim

Here’s a more detailed list of 20 common Pokémon cards that might be available for free or at very low prices:

Common Pikachu:

Pikachu’s Electric-type card is an evergreen favorite due to its status as the face of the franchise. With its cute appearance and the iconic Thunderbolt move, this card is often sought after by collectors and fans alike.

Common Eevee:

Eevee’s Normal-type card captures the anticipation of its multiple evolutions. Its versatility, as it can evolve into various types like Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, makes this card a charming choice.

Common Bulbasaur:

The Grass/Poison-type Bulbasaur’s card depicts its plant bulb, which grows into a powerful asset as it evolves into Ivysaur and eventually Venusaur.

Common Charmander:

Charmander’s Fire-type card showcases its status as a Fire-type starter Pokémon with a flame on its tail, which becomes an emblem of strength as it evolves into Charmeleon and Charizard.

Common Squirtle:

Squirtle’s Water-type card embodies its cheerful personality and the promise of its hydro-powered evolutions—Wartortle and Blastoise.

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Common Jigglypuff:

Jigglypuff’s Normal/Fairy-type card accentuates its singing prowess, a key trait from the animated series where its lullabies put everyone to sleep.

Common Caterpie:

Caterpie’s Bug-type card is a glimpse into the early stages of a Pokémon journey, symbolizing growth and potential as it evolves into Metapod and then Butterfree.

Common Weedle:

Weedle’s Bug/Poison-type card showcases its distinct appearance and serves as a starting point for its metamorphosis into Kakuna and then Beedrill.

Common Pidgey:

Pidgey’s Normal/Flying-type card embodies the common bird Pokémon encountered early in many games, representing the beginning of your adventure.

Common Rattata:

Rattata’s Normal-type card features this small rodent Pokémon often found scurrying around, illustrating its presence in various regions.

Common Spearow:

Spearow’s Normal/Flying-type card captures its aggressive demeanor as a Flying-type counterpart to Rattata.

Common Ekans:

Ekans’ Poison-type card portrays its snake-like design and serves as a stepping stone to its evolved form, Arbok.

Common Zubat:

Zubat’s Poison/Flying-type card signifies its prevalence in caves and dark places, making it a staple annoyance in many Pokémon games.

Common Geodude:

Geodude’s Rock/Ground-type card showcases its rock-hard body and dual typing, which grants it a unique resistance to various types of moves.

Common Magikarp:

Magikarp’s Water-type card humorously depicts its unassuming appearance, setting the stage for its transformation into the mighty Gyarados.

Common Oddish:

Oddish’s Grass/Poison-type card displays its plant-like qualities and prefaces its evolution into Gloom and subsequently Vileplume or Bellossom.

Common Psyduck:

Psyduck’s Water-type card amusingly captures its perpetually headache-ridden expression and hints at its connection to its evolved form, Golduck.

Common Poliwag:

Poliwag’s Water-type card features its signature swirl pattern and marks the beginning of its journey towards becoming Poliwhirl and eventually Poliwrath or Politoed.

Common Abra:

Abra’s Psychic-type card portrays its mystical abilities, which include teleportation. This card teases its potential evolution into Kadabra and later Alakazam.

Common Machop:

Machop’s Fighting-type card embodies its fighting spirit and sturdy build, leading to its evolution into Machoke and then Machamp.

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How to Get Pokemon Cards for Free?

Getting Pokémon cards for free might involve various strategies and opportunities. Here’s a list of methods:

Promotional Events: Attend Pokémon events, such as conventions and tournaments, where free cards are often distributed as promotional items for attendees.

Online Giveaways: Participate in contests and activities on official Pokémon websites and social media platforms, where you might win free cards as prizes.

Pre-Release Kits: Join pre-release events for new card sets, and receive pre-release kits containing cards from the upcoming set before its official release.

Community Swaps: Engage with local or online trading card communities to exchange cards with fellow collectors, occasionally leading to free trades.

Card Shops and Local Events: Visit local card shops or attend events where free cards are offered, especially to newcomers or regular patrons.

Sample Packs: Look for sample packs bundled with products like magazines or toys, often containing a few free Pokémon cards to attract collectors.

Pokemon Go Rewards: Participate in Pokémon Go activities to earn digital Pokémon cards, which can be used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

Online Platforms: Explore online trading platforms and forums where players might offer free cards for nominal shipping fees or out of goodwill.

Educational Initiatives: Some schools or educational programs might use Pokémon cards for rewards or educational purposes, providing opportunities to obtain cards.

Gifts and Prizes: Receive Pokémon cards as gifts, rewards, or prizes from friends, family, or local businesses for various occasions.

Official Pokémon Newsletter: Subscribe to the official Pokémon newsletter for potential codes or offers granting free cards to subscribers.


Are the free Pokémon cards valuable?

While many free cards might not be highly valuable, they can still contribute to collections, decks, and the overall Pokémon experience.

Are free Pokémon cards legal and legitimate?

Yes, as long as you obtain them through official promotions, events, or legitimate sources, free Pokémon cards are legal and safe.

Can I sell the free Pokémon cards I receive?

It depends on the terms of the promotion. Some free cards might come with restrictions against selling, so it’s important to check the details.


You can acquire free Pokémon cards through a variety of methods, from attending events to engaging online. While these cards might not always be the rarest, they hold value for collectors, players, and enthusiasts alike, enriching your Pokémon experience without breaking the bank.

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