The Cast of Casper: Where Are They Now?

Check in with the stars of the supernatural classic 28 years after the film premiered in 1995.

It's been nearly three decades since a young Christina Ricci stole hearts as Kat Harvey in the supernatural coming-of-age comedy Casper. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the 1995 film featured young up-and-comers and familiar faces, like Bill Pullman and Amy Brenneman.

The friendly ghost's story continues to live on as fans rewatch the spooky classic year after year. Check back in with the cast members of Casper and see what they're up to today.

Christina Ricci as Kat Harvey

Playing Kat Harvey proved to be the perfect spooky follow-up to Ricci's famed role as the eerie, pigtailed Addams family daughter, Wednesday. The Casper alumna then made a name for herself as a grown-up actress, starring in films like Buffalo '66 and The Opposite of Sex in 1998.

Her career continued flourishing with big- and small-screen roles in the aughts and 2010s. She also debuted on the Broadway stage with Laura Linney in Time Stands Still in 2010. Then in 2021, Ricci won critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination for her role as Misty Quigley in Yellowjackets.

The former child star revisited the Addams family universe in Tim Burton's revival series Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega. Ricci — who previously worked with Burton in the 1999 horror Sleepy Hollow — played one of Wednesday's school teachers in the 2022 Netflix show.

While Ricci's performance in Casper is beloved by many, the former child isn't a fan of her early work in the ghostly classic.

"If you actually watch Casper, I'm terrible," Ricci said during her 2022 appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast. "People get so upset when I say that. And I'm like, 'No, it's a wonderful movie. It's a childhood treasure. But I am terrible in it.'"

Malachi Pearson as Casper

Following his role in the 1995 flick, the voice behind the friendly ghost guest starred on shows like Full House and Baywatch. He even reprised the vocal role again in a Casper video game and the late-90s cartoon series The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper.

Pearson has since departed from screens and launched a music career. He's currently one-half of the DJ duo Motel Club with fellow artist Matt Cash.

Bill Pullman as James Harvey

Bill Pullman had an established career as a leading man before he played widowed dad and medium Dr. James Harvey in Casper. He starred in Spaceballs, Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping across Sandra Bullock.

The actor appeared as the U.S. president in the 1996 sci-fi film Independence Day and in the same role for the 2016 sequel Independence Day: Resurgence. Pullman has also starred in several theatrical productions and he tapped his intergalactic acting experience to write his own play Expedition 6 in 2007.

On television, Pullman played the president once again in the comedy series 1600 Penn and most recently, he played convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh in a Lifetime docuseries about his crimes. Murdaugh Murders: The Movie is set to air Oct. 14.

Pullman's son, Lewis, has followed in his dad's Hollywood footsteps to become a big time star with credits in Top Gun: Maverick and the Hulu miniseries Catch-22. Bill also shares daughter Maesa and another son, Jack, with his wife of over three decades, Tamara Hurwitz.

Cathy Moriarty as Carrigan Crittenden

The actress behind bitter heiress Carrigan Crittenden also boasted an impressive resume before her antagonist role in Casper. Moriarty's 1980 film debut in Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull earned her nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. She kicked off the '90s with major roles in Kindergarten Cop alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Soapdish, which featured Sally Field, Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Kline, Carrie Fisher and Whoopi Goldberg in its A-list ensemble cast.

Moriarty returned to the friendly ghost franchise in 1998, when she played Hilary Duff's on-screen Aunt Gert in Casper Meets Wendy.

On TV, the Hollywood veteran has appeared on shows like Bless This House, This Is Us and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: An American Crime Story.

Joe Nipote as Stretch

Nipote voiced Stretch, the fiery leader of the Ghostly Trio in Casper, though he's best known for playing Frankie Waters in the TV show Viper from 1994 through 1999. Nipote voiced Strech again in The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper and went on to make guest appearances in shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Suite Life on Deck.

Joe Alaskey as Stinkie

Joe Alaskey — who died at age 63 in 2016 — was best known for his voice acting, including his portrayal of Ghostly Trio member Stinkie in Casper. In the late '90s and early 2000s, Alaskey voiced several Looney Tunes characters, Grandpa Lou on Rugrats and Sylvester the Cat in The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries.

In the last few years of his life and career, the talented impersonator lent his voice to the Tom and Jerry and Garfield franchises.

Brad Garrett as Fatso

Brad Garrett soared to fame as the first comic winner of Star Search in 1984, nearly a decade before he voiced Fatso, a member of the Ghostly Trio in Casper. He went on to play several other animated characters, with roles in iconic Pixar movies like A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille.

In 1996, Garrett nabbed a major TV gig playing Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond, winning three Emmys in 2002, 2003 and 2005 for his performance. He went on to star in 'Til Death from 2006 to 2010, and he earned another Emmy nomination for his starring part as Jackie Gleason in the television film Gleason in 2002.

Garrett's maintained his stand-up comedy career throughout and still regularly performs at his own comedy club in Las Vegas.

Eric Idle as Dibs

Eric Idle — who played Carrigan's attorney, Paul "Dibs" Plutzker — launched into fame doing sketch comedy in Monty Python films, TV series and stage productions. After Casper, Idle voiced characters in The Simpsons, Shrek the Third, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and even narrated the 2004 comedy Ella Enchanted.

In 2004, the comic created the hit Monty Python play Spamalot, which won the coveted best musical Tony Award.

Idle beat the odds after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019 and survived. He's since joined forces with Stand Up to Cancer to create the Bright Side Fund in support of cancer research and the early detection that saved his life.

Devon Sawa as Human Casper

Devon Sawa only made a brief appearance as human Casper at the end of the film, but he's still grateful for the role that launched his career. On the 25th anniversary of Casper in 2020, Sawa shouted out Christina Ricci as a reason for his industry success.

"Christina Ricci is a HUGE talent and played a big part in me getting the role and then went on to recommend me for Now And Then. I owe her the world." Sawa tweeted, referencing the next movie he and Ricci costarred in.

With another nod to director Brad Silberling, Sawa continued, "I was in Casper for 30 secs. Malachi Pearson did the hard work. When they decided last minute to bring Casper to life he was too young. so I landed the role. And I'm very fortunate @BSilberling chose me cause I'd be lying if I said it didn't start a 30 year job that I love. Thnx."

After Casper and Now And Then, Sawa starred in several films and TV shows, notably Wild America, Final Destination, and The CW's Nikita. He also played Eminem in the rapper's music video for his song "Stan" and currently stars in the Syfy horror series Chucky.

Amy Brenneman as Amelia Harvey

Amy Brenneman followed her Emmy-nominated performance in NYPD Blue with a ghostly cameo playing Kat's deceased mom in Casper, which was directed by her husband Brad Silberling. She went on to star in Daylight, opposite Sylvester Stallone, in 1996 and then did another thriller, Fear, the same year.

As the century turned, Brenneman starred in her own series Judging Amy from 1999 to 2005. She could also be spotted as Violet Turner in the Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice. In her most recent work, Brenneman costars with Jeff Bridges on the FX series The Old Man.

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