38 best dramas on Netflix 2023 for when you want to feel something

Experience the emotional rollercoaster with a masterful blend of tragedy and an orchestral soundtrack that delivers a powerful impact. These moments, often poignant and deeply moving, offer more than just cinematic entertainment; they can be incredibly therapeutic. Engaging with a story that tugs at your heartstrings, where you share tears with the characters, can be a cathartic experience, sometimes even surpassing the benefits of therapy. Additionally, witnessing a protagonist's journey of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges can inspire and instill a sense of hope, encouraging us to face our own struggles with renewed vigor and optimism.

Looking for your next drama fix? Netflix has got it all! Dive into their extensive collection of movies and TV shows. From touching historical dramas and bold, captivating performances, to unforgettable melodramas, gripping crime stories, and award-winning tales of growing up. Plus, for something totally different, check out the extraordinary journey of a dismembered hand. Whatever your mood, Netflix has the perfect drama waiting for you.

Here are the best dramas on Netflix streaming now.

1. Beyond the Lights

In "Beyond the Lights," director Gina Prince-Bythewood, known for "The Woman King" and "Love & Basketball," brings a fresh take to the familiar story of "A Star Is Born," with a special emphasis on mental health. The film stars the dazzling Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Noni Jean, a rising pop star reminiscent of early Rihanna. Her life, tightly managed by her ambitious mother (brilliantly portrayed by Minnie Driver), spirals out of control. Following her first Billboard Music Award win, an overwhelmed Noni has a breakdown in her hotel room, leading her to the brink of a tragic decision. It's here that she meets Kaz, a compassionate cop played by Nate Parker, who rescues her in more ways than one. Their whirlwind romance, reminiscent of the intense love stories in "A Star Is Born," forms the heart of this modern, touching drama.

"Beyond the Lights" stands out because it's much more than just a romance. It delves deep into the life of a young woman battling depression and thoughts of suicide, hidden behind the facade she presents to her fans. This film skillfully balances a grand narrative about fame and the music industry with a close-up look at its characters, making it a compelling and intimate story. – Oliver Whitney, Contributing Writer

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