New Custom Apple battery En route to 2025


Apple is developing new battery technology for its devices and is expected to reveal them in 2025, as per ETNews.

The report claims that Apple has been developing a custom-made battery since 2018 and has made strides in terms of hiring personnel and seeking patents. ETNews says that the battery is ‘all new’ and will have significantly improved performance through direct integration with the hardware components. The Cupertino-based company has been curating cathode materials and recording their stability, output, energy density, and performance. 

Apple’s new battery is believed to have a different composition of cobalt, nickel, aluminum, and manganese. Also, carbon nanotubes are employed to boost the conductivity, increased silicon content, and replace graphite entirely for shortened discharge and charge times. It’s said that the battery development is in partnership with the electric vehicle project, with mobile applications being taken for Apple’s portable devices. Apple might announce the technology in 2025.

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