New firmware for Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro released

Apple has recently updated its firmware version for the Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro.

The Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro now have the latest version set at 6B27, with 5B66 now a prior firmware. As with its Apple products, the Cupertino-based company does not divulge the exact details of what has been added or changed, except for the usual performance and bug fixes. It’s recommended that owners update to the latest firmware to enjoy the latest features and prevent unwanted errors from happening.

As for updating to the latest version, Beats owners must have the device charged to full while connected to an iPhone or other iOS device. The earbuds must be inside the case and the case connected to a power source. After a brief period, the firmware should update over the air.

The firmware version can be seen in the Settings app of the connected iOS device.

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